Friday, August 14, 2015

Borrowing From Our Future: Earth Overshoot

We reached Earth Overshoot Day this week, and that's not an achievement to celebrate. In essence, Overshoot Day (or Ecological Debt Day) is when the approximate global footprint exceeds the approximate annual global biocapacity, and we "overshoot" the earth's capacity and start (or rather continue) living beyond our global means. For anyone unfamiliar, I really encourage you to take a few minutes to visit, discover what Earth Overshoot is all about, and talk with your family/friends what you might do to make a difference.  Sometimes, the scale of the global issues feels a bit overwhelming and it is difficult for me to feel motivated. I need to keep reminding myself that everyone's small individual efforts (including ours) add up towards great changes, like Jane Goodall's words above. Here are some of my most recent nature quote posts from our Facebook page, in case they might help with inspiration and motivation.

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