Friday, June 17, 2016

This Week in The Garden: Winter Citrus and Lingering Leaves

At last!  The lemons are starting to ripen on our  young citrus trees.  The mandarins, as shared last week, are almost there as well.  Hooray for our first little crop of winter citrus!  Although we've had a lot of wet weather recently, cool but not cold temperatures mean the last of the leaves are still lingering and the colours are looking lovely.  The winter veggie patch is growing well, with the exception of our broad beans.  They are looking healthy and blossoming profusely; however, I have yet to see even one little baby bean!  We have plenty of pollinators so I'm not sure what the problem might be - does anyone have suggestions to remedy beanless broad beans?  Perhaps it might be too windy for bees on the vines?  Too wet?  Hmmm.  I may need to get out there with a paintbrush if we have a spell of dry weather! What's happening in and around your garden this week?  Whatever your garden/green news, we would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment or post us a message on the GiRL Facebook page I look forward to sharing our garden with you as it grows. P.S. Did you catch our special post for Nature Photography Day earlier this week?

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