Hey there! I'm Laura, and I am the person behind the posts (most of them anyway!) here at Green in Real Life. So nice to meet you!  This blog is all about our urban garden adventures with a sprinkle of everyday greener living: growing more, wasting less, making small real life changes that add up. Join me in the garden and beyond. ❀  I love puttering about in the garden, enjoying nature, and (of course!) taking photos along the way. Sharing those images, sharing our experiences in the garden, and our everyday journey in trying to live a more mindful and sustainable life is the main focus of this blog. If you're a new visitor, you can read all about our terms of use, policies, and disclosures here. Take a little peek into our garden and our daily lives as I try to slow down from our previous fast-paced city lifestyle and settle into more mindful life in an old urban garden property with our pets.  Green in Real Life is a space to share and gain inspiration to make your own greener everyday choices - big or small. 

In addition to this blog's main focus in the garden, other green goodness will pop up here from time to time. We are (slowly) working towards living greener and more sustainably. My aim is to try and make our "normal" everyday life increasingly eco-friendly - changing habits, making better choices and doing our part, bit-by-bit. We are real people and this is all about "doable" change, like reducing our day-to-day footprint, trying out new technology, making modifications around the house, testing new greener products, working on our garden conversion, developing new habits, and attempting to cut waste through reducing, recycling and upcycling.  Join me in and around our garden, as well as the other shared experiences, little inspirations, and ideas that are helping to keep me/us motivated along the way.

Thanks for stopping by to visit the blog and I would love for you to follow along here or on Facebook or both! You can also subscribe to the blog via Bloglovin'. I love comments and read each and every one, so please take the time to say hello or share your thoughts on some of my posts. If you have your own gardening or green-living related post, blog, or website and you think that I or the blog readers might like to check it out, politely dropping your link is a-ok as well. We hope that you visit again soon!
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Here are a few other frequently asked questions...

Can I Include Your Post in a Round-Up?
Absolutely!  You are welcome to share our links, link to our content, pin our posts, etc - you can read more about that in our Link with Love section. Blogging is all about connecting and sharing, and it is awesome when you invite your friends and followers to read things here on the blog.  If you'd like, feel free to use one of my photos with a link back to the original post. Please don't copy our post content, direct or paraphrased.  If you would like to share more than one of my images in your post or if you have a special request, please email and I will do my best to help.  I'm very flexible and PR friendly.

Who designed your blog and graphics?
I did, and things are always evolving bit-by-bit around here! The template is a basic free blogger layout that has been customised to suit my needs.  You can read more about my blogging resources on our partner blog at Creativity Unmasked.

Do you take your own photographs for the blog?
Most images and graphics (excluding the guest posts and round-ups of course) are my own; however, I also have a paid non-attribution membership to FreePik and occasionally use the free-imagery site PixaBay as well. My camera equipment and software has evolved over the years, but, at present, my go-to is my Canon 5D, and I use Adobe Photoshop for any edits and Picasa for making quick colleges. 

You sometimes use props for your blog photos - isn't that wasteful?
If you look a little closer, you will see the same props reappearing over and over. :) I have a little stash of fabric, tiles, napkins, scrapbook paper, and other decorative accessories/accents for photo styling that simply get stored and reused. I'm definitely far from perfect though - I do like to have a little fun and get a bit silly from time to time; however, I try to be conscious about making those choices.  With respect to our partner creative blogs, I often have product vs. impact/options dilemmas when buying/making/crafting - there are pros and cons to many (most) materials and some things (especially where the dogs are involved...) have finite lifespans.  Fleece for example (a favourite for toys, blankets, clothes...) is versatile, sturdy, long-lasting, and can be bought with recycled content, but it's still a PET product and non-degradable.  Polymer clay as another example, which I enjoy working with, is also a form of "plastic".  I'm not trying to be perfectly green or zero waste, just trying to make informed choices and considered compromises. Every little bit helps.

How did you learn to garden?
My parents were (and still are) keen gardeners when we were young, and I started growing my own little gardens when I first moved into my own home.  I have learned a lot through trail and error over the years, as well as handy reference books, websites, and magazines.  I am still learning all them time, especially as I move between different regions, countries, climates, and growing environments. I am definitely not an expert, just an enthusiast!